Wall Sticker 'Monkey Otis' (14 x 22 cm)

jungle-s-monkey-6 jungle-s-aap-setting


Otis is a funky monkey
He’s an absolute clothing junkie
He steals your outfits, you should know,
And then he holds a fashion show!


The wall stickers are made of mat vinyl. Put the stickers on a clean, smooth and dry surface, like a plastered wall, window or door. Collect the other stickers as well and turn your room into a real jungle!

On the backside of the packaging is written how to apply the stickers onto the surface best.



  • 1 sheet with 2 wall stickers
  • size of packaging: 
    14 x 22 cm
  • material: mat vinyl
  • includes a description how to apply the stickers best
  • Collect the other stickers as well and turn your room into a real jungle!
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